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Live silkscreen printing this saturday at the Tannery for Ebb & Flow event. 1pm-5pm

Come to my booth at JINGLE SHELLS, a great holiday sale of local arts and crafts, proceeds benefit Seymour Center for ocean education. Dec 7 2014.

I am Santa Cruz Open Studios Artist #157!! Can't wait! See you there, I mean here, at my house.

art store

New Art Store, check it out!


Hearts for the Arts: Artisans gallery, Santa Cruz. Silent auction to benefit Spectra art for schools, by the Cultural council. Bidding closes Valentines day Feb 14 2013.

Upwelling: Solo show, Sep 7 2012, Vinocruz wine bar downtown Santa Cruz. If you don't like the art, have another glass of wine and take another look.egret silkscreen art print

Open Studios 2012 Santa Cruz again! I am artist 151. Tour my crib Oct 13, 14, 20, 21. pelican silkscreen print

11/4/2011 Two shows for Nov:

-solo show,
the Abbey, 350 Mission St., Santa Cruz CA

Home for the Holidays - group show, Artisans, 1368 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz CA

Oct 1. 2, 15, 16 2011 Open Studios of Santa Cruz County!

So excited to be artist 134! Come see my tiny, messy studio - free snacks and drinks. Oh, and that is a Hickory tree in the backyard, so no need for everyone to ask me what kind of tree it is, OK, ask me about art.

9/2/2011 Boneless show moves to Artisans, 1368 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz CA.

8/5/2011 Boneless show opens at Rare Device, 1845 Market St San Francisco. Ten new prints featuring invertibrates like jellies and sea cucumbers.

   boneless jelly silkscreen print

6/26/2011 Sea No Evil art auction in Riverside California was a blast. We met Captain Paul Watson and the first original painting i have ever made for sale went for $360 to benefit Sea Shepherd. Perhaps there will be a silkscreen print version of this image; let me know if you are interested.

     sea no evil marine life painting

4/01/2011 Where to buy prints:
Direct from the Artist
Artisans in Santa Cruz
Bike Dojo in Santa Cruz
Rare Device in San Francisco

3/12/2010 Pro bono work included in this nice book. A couple of my t-shirt designs for marine mammal nonprofits were accepted.

designing for the greater good

9/29/09 It Must be Open Studios Time Again, because the 40 mile per hour wind has started up. Last year it blew over our display panels on the first day, but we will bravely blunder forth again to provide art for starving local residents. My studio opens Oct 3, 4, 17 &18. I am artist #156. Here's my location. For more info see
   two women talking silkscreen print by doug ross

SEALS!  While this show in Cava Wine Bar in Capitola was planned last fall, by chance it happens to coincide with a major marine mammal stranding event here on the central coast of California. I am taking this opportunity to show all the marine mammal subjects I have made, and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Marine Mammal Center, whose staff and volunteers tirelessly work around the clock to rescue some of the affected creatures and detect the causes of their sickness so that we might all know and prevent ocean environmental degradation. Show begins June 29 and hangs though July.

zen seal silkscreen print marine mammal

5/8/09 American Illustration 28 winners announced. Three of my images were voted into the "chosen" category which means they are a vote shy of making it into the book, but will appear on the web site. The current site is being re-vamped to be searchable and will re-launch next November to coincide with the release of the printed book. There were a record-breaking 8,100 entries this year and 500 were chosen for the site. Here's one of them:

illustration by doug ross included in american illustration book of iphone user commuting by bus and doing his personal banking in a modern minimalist style

WAYS OF THE WATER Opening Reception Thursday, December 4 5-8PM. Show runs through January 12. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the Coastal Watershed Council to help protect and preserve our water ways.
Capitola Fine Arts Gallery
109 Capitola Ave
Capitola CA 95010
Mon to Fri 11-5
Sat & Sun 10:30-5

coastal watershed council art show postcard

Featured in San Francisco Chronicle

10/27/08 Visual Politics: Art & The American Experience October 25 - November 23 Reception: Saturday, November 1, 3-5pm Peter Selz, Juror Lucien Kubo, Curator This national exhibition has artists of 2-D & 3D artwork that responds to important social and political issues in this election year. This is part of the national “Art of Democracy Coalition.”

flag image

silkscreen print by doug ross titled peace #4

10/08/08 I am not a number, I am a free man! But this weekend I am artist #152 in the Open Studios Art Tour© 2008. My work will be on display in my backyard this weekend the 11th and 12th, and next weekend the 18th and 19th too.

Santa Cruz Cultural Council Logo

9/5/08 The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network is a non-profit association of legal professionals who advocate around the world for the rights of people infected with HIV and AIDS as well as prevention efforts. Their struggle continues against government policies which, amazingly in the modern world, still derive from bigotry and ignorance of this disease. Award-winning firm Soapbox Design of Toronto was tapped to create this years annual report, and they came through with a bold, political poster-inspired theme. The illustrations I created at Soapbox's request were affected by my recent silkscreen print works, and resulted in a stark rough edged style in two colors that tries to match the power of the written content it shares the pages with. The annual is available for download here.

 cover spread

5/14/08 Everyone should have somewhere to live. Habitat for Humanity of Canada is doing their best to solve shelter problems for people around the world, and has forged many partnerships with corporate sponsors to achieve their noble goals. This series of ten posters I illustrated for a token fee is currently making the rounds to celebrate and showcase these partnerships. Some household names like Home Depot and Maxwell House have stepped up, along with some very high-end legal and financial firms, and not least, the Governor General of Canada.

Art print show at the Oakland Feria Urbana this Saturday, 12/8/07 at 11AM to 4PM. Come check out my table, and bring me a warm drink.

5/30/07 American Illustration 26 winners announced. I entered two pieces in AI26 and one is in the "chosen" category, which means it is on their website. WARNING: you will have to click through hundreds of possibly gory images to find mine. The illo below is the one that wasn't picked.

Leave Seals be is the name of the new campaign from The Marine Mammal Center. My illustration for these shirts, which are available for purchase here, is intended to narrate the tragedy of illegal harbor seal pup pickup that occurs every spring along the pacific coast. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts helps the center prevent pickups and treat the seals that need to be rescued.

10/27/06: Group show, oct 27 - nov 12, Michael Angelo Gallery, 1111 River St., Santa Cruz CA.
fine art pen and ink by doug ross for dia de los muertos or day of the dead showing skeleton surf dude
"Dia de Los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead" is a Mexican holiday that celebrates departed loved ones on November 1 and 2 each year.

Influences: no-one lives in a vacuum - we have all been influenced by that which came before. To see an artist who has influenced my work, point your Google Earth pointer to N, W, elev 387 ft.

(it's called the Blythe Intaglio)

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art announces:fine art giclee print by doug ross for lacda los angeles center for digital art
"Top 40" LACDA Interna-tional Juried Competition Winners Show. March 9 – April 1. Reception Thursday, March 9, 7-9pm
"The Los Angeles Center For Digital Art is happy to present the opening recep-tion and exhibition for the winners of our "Top 40" Juried International Compe-tition for Digital Art and Photography. The show features the best 40 artists among our entrants representing a wide variety of styles, technological disciplines and cultures."

Los Angeles Center For Digital Art, 107 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles, CA








Magazine spot for Society of Human Resources Management.
When HR and It executives work together, HR technology wins. Going to each other's meetings means those who work with tech and those who work with people wont be speaking different langages.

New work: set of coaster for Ibis Cycles. Bikes 'n' Beer, a natural combination.

NY Times image

Fully-featured new web sites and apps empower house and apartment shoppers by providing detailed searches and lifestyle information on neighborhoods. Through offering these apps, real estate companies and The 'Times itself can offer value to customers, because they no longer have exclusive domain over the basic data on rentals and homes for sale.


I am departing from the the usual commercial self-promotion but this is a great cause. These posters are gonna look pretty cool and that helps when you're trying to inspire kids and fill the gaps in our underfunded schools' science program. Check it out and any donation is appreciated, whatever the amount.

Holiday Greeting E-Card video. The results of my diversification into animation. This holiday e-card was created in eight days last fall using Adobe After Effects CS4.
Storyboard & Animation: Doug Ross
Client: DC Group
Agency: Partners and Hunt
Art Director: Paul Hunt

social data leaks

Security in a Social World: My third consecutive McAfee Security Journal. This annual electronic white paper features the latest thoughts on data security by top experts in the field. This year the themes are the Borderless Enterprise, Mobile Privacy, Cloud Computing, and Social Engineering. "Social Engineering" is jargon for the conning of new employees in order to extract passwords. It was a challenge to convey some of the abstract concepts required. The client takes the illustration work seriously, which is refreshing - and the responsibility the illustrator is made to feel in this case raises the level of the work, which is good for everyone.


First Foray into public art. I have had images digitally printed and applied to these traffic signal boxes before, but it wasn't until this summer when I painted one by hand that I considered myself a public artist. I am now looking at doing some bigger murals so interested clients, please call. This box is located on the corner of Ocean & Broadway in Santa Cruz, CA.

This integrated approach to layout really knits the text with the images but it requires much more teamwork between the designer and illustrator. Resulting benefits are both visual and financial. If this piece was built with stock images, the art costs would have doubled.

group health illustration spots mixed with copy text

Somehow, finally I managed to use the lava lamp in a meaningful way. For this story in McAfee Security Journal, the lava lamp helps illustrate the phroase "acronym soup" which refers to the confusion over the abundance of regulations relevant to data security. Below, the operators try to merge different data sets.

lava lamp with acronyms shows confusion of data security professionals illustration by doug ross

Food is a great motivator. This is the third in a series of illustrations for Specialty Foods Magazine, but the best part of the assignment is that the writing revealed secrets about what employees of gourmet stores are trained to say – a subject i can relate to because I spend so much time in these establishments.

illustration by doug ross of specialty food employees speaking in customer relations vocabulary

Social Networking is like the old shampoo commercial; "I told two friends, then they told two friends, and so on, and so on... Only if you're old enough to remember that commercial you probably don't use social networking sites. This was an assignment from California Real Estate magazine.

A nice concept resulted when the A.D. asked me to combine two of the roughs i had supplied Harvard Business Review. The article "Getting Offshoring Right," examined ways to optimize cost savings resulting from moving business processes offshore, with special attention to identifying which departments or processes should be moved and which shouldn't. Our management guy is giving his OK to the transplantation.

illustration by doug ross for harvard business review of businessman approving of offshore outsourcing a portion of his corporation

Marin Art Festival 2007 is this weekend, june 16th and 17th. You are invited to visit booth 121S where I will be showing, and hopefully selling, my recent limited-edition, silkscreened prints (serigraphs).

silkscreen print by doug ross titiled sugar, contains pink and orange

Local landmark makes an appearance: the Golden Gate bridge's orange-rust color makes a nice contrast with the sea. In this piece for the Information Technology Association of Canada annual, I have morphed the towers into people to reinforce the "collaboration" theme. The annual's message was further defiined in the text using the quote, "no man is an island" (John Donne).

illustration by doug ross of brigde like golden gat but resembling two people

Winning the battle against cancer: showing self exam, research.

illustration by doug ross of breast cancer research and self exam

Oversight linked to framework: the repetition of a small orange square conveys the idea that the subject in the foreground belongs to a corporate enterprise, and the link from eyebrow to horizon to computer suggests that his scrutiny is over the inner workings and structure of the enterprise (it's much less esoteric to regular readers of Internal Auditor Magazine).

The future according to Apple: we are all living in pods. Actually this cover story for MacAddict's May 2006 issue was about the future of Apple's products. The future architecture sets the scene and plays on the word "pod.".

illustration by doug ross for cover of macaddict magazine of future ipod society where everything is made by apple

Ten years ago today: April 16, 1996. a full page illo for Adweek - new technologies create opportunities in new markets, and require new brands to sell therein. Parent companies remain unchanged in the background (sadly, i see from my notes that my rates have not gone up).

illustration by doug ross foe adweek magazine about virtual online storefronts for existing businesses

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